Boris Johnson slaps down Ian Blackford social care row

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SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford used the Government’s plan to hike National Insurance to pay for the rising costs of social care and to fund the NHS to launch an argument for a second Scottish Independence referendum. But his attempts failed miserably as Boris Johnson shut the SNP politician down by highlighting a major contradiction in Mr Blackford’s argument.

Mr Blackford said: “Scotland deserves better! There is clearly no chance of a fair Covid recovery under this prime minister and under this Westminster government.

“Isn’t it the case Mr Speaker that the only way to protect Scotland from Tory cuts and the regressive tax hikes is to become an independent country!

“With the full powers needed to declare a full, strong, and powerful recovery for the people of Scotland!”

But Mr Johnson hit back brutally highlighting a key contradiction in Mr Blackford’s line of argument.

He slammed: “I just remind him of the deputy leader of the Scottish government who welcomed when the Labour Government put up National insurance by a penny to pay for the National health service.

“[John Swinney] said ‘I am absolutely delighted that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has now accepted the progressive taxation is required to invest in the health service in Scotland!”

Boris slammed: “Get your story straight!

“This is more cash for people in Scotland, it is more investment for families in Scotland.

“It’s good for Scotland and good for the whole of the United Kingdom!

More to follow…

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