GB News: McCaffrey discusses Boris Johnson’s ‘U-turn’

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During a discussion with Conservative MP Dr Liam Fox host Darren McCaffery challenged the “ridiculous” concept that the Prime Minister should have to follow the coronavirus rules that the rest of the British public should have to follow. He highlighted how the Prime Minister has the role of running the country and in turn that means he should not have to self-isolate given he has had both doses of a covid vaccine, had covid and is leader of the country. The news comes as the Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak performed a drastic U-Turn on Sunday over their decision to isolate after coming into contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid who tested positive for coronavirus.

Darren McCaffrey slammed: “For me looking at it, there is lots of people criticising the government saying its one rule for them, one rule for others.

“But he is the Prime Minister and should we expect that the rules everyone else should have to adhere to, to the man who’s meant to be running the country?

“It is frankly ridiculous that somebody who has been dupable jabbed, who has had the virus before, should be getting on with his job… no?”

Dr Liam Fox replied: “Well of course he needs to be getting on with his job.

“The question of course is always reality and perception and if you are still asking people to follow the rules..

“It doesn’t look good if those in charge are not following the rules.

“We don’t live in an era of very great balance at the present time where people will say ‘of course the Prime Minister has to get on with his job, he has to be’.

“It’s all about the politics of perception.”

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