Sturgeon using pandemic as 'smokescreen' for failings says MSP

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The First Minister’s defence comes after Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP, launched a scathing attack on the current “cult of personality” which has absorbed the party, saying there was “no chance” Indyref2 could be achieved under the SNP’s current timeline. He said: “[Adulation has] taken charge of the party membership’s mentality and they are no longer capable of critical thinking. We have had five wasted years of talk of a referendum, when in fact the priority should be to get the economic policy right after Brexit, because Brexit produced a new paradigm and then there’s another level of change [that] comes with the pandemic.”

Ms Sturgeon has faced staunch criticism from Scottish Tory party leader Douglas Ross and Scottish Labour party leader Anas Sarwar for pouring time and energy into bitter independence dreams while Scotland is in crisis.

The First Minister announced her intention to hold a second Scottish independence referendum weeks before being forced to call in the British army to support the crumbling Scottish A&E service.

There were reports of people waiting up to 40 hours for an ambulance in the peak of the crisis.


Douglas Ross opposes everything, says Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has attempted to discredit Douglas Ross’s concerns about the vaccine passport scheme by pointing out that he has opposed almost every measure she has proposed in the last year. 

Douglas Ross slams vaccine passport scheme

Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross has criticised the “disorganised” vaccine passport scheme which is due to come into force at 5am tomorrow morning. 

Mr Ross branded the scheme a “farce” and questioned why more information has not been given on the processes people will have to go through to enter venues such as nightclubs or football stadiums. 

Ms Sturgeon defended her decision by pointing out the combination of alcohol, dancing, late nights and being inside created a high risk environment for the transmission of COVID-19. 

‘Sturgeon’s tactics have been all wrong,’ says former SNP deputy leader

Jim Sillars, former SNP deputy leader, told the Herald: “We need a new economic model, and we’ve got to work on that – and until we’ve worked on that and produced that, we’re in no position to win a referendum.

“I think [Ms Sturgeon’s] tactics have been all wrong. Five wasted years when work should have been undertaken and it wasn’t.

“All Nicola’s talk about a referendum was taking the independence movement up a hill, back down a hill, back up the same hill, back down the same hill, with no movement.”

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