BLM: Farage clashes with ex-Blair adviser

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John McTernan, who was Tony Blair’s Director of Political Operations, joined Nigel Farage on GB News and discussed how Boris Johnson stayed out of telling people how to live their lives. The conversation quickly moved onto race issues with Mr McTernan slamming those who take the knee at football games and said it was not a protest to boo them but was racist. But Mr Farage took issue with Mr McTernan’s support for taking the knee and its link to Black Lives Matter as the pair went back and forth during a tense debate on the group.

Speaking on GB News, Mr McTernan joined Mr Farage on his late-night show where they discussed racism in the UK.

Mr McTernan debated taking the knee at football games and slammed those who booed the gesture, saying it was “impolite at the least and racist at the most”.

Mr Farage quickly picked up on what Mr McTernan said, arguing taking the knee was impolite because it was “so linked with that marxist organisation Black Lives Matter”.

The former Labour adviser was not impressed with Mr Farage’s description of the group and revealed he broke lockdown rules to attend one of their demonstrations.

Mr Farage claimed the group wanted to bring down western capitalism and defund the police and brought up the fact Mr McTernan’s former boss, Tony Blair, called the defund the police slogan the most damaging political slogan on the left.

Mr McTernan simply said the group campaigned for the black community and said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick made the best argument to challenge the police when officers were sent to the Sarah Everard vigil.

Mr McTernan added the police were “not beyond criticism” with Mr Farage saying he believes Black Lives Matter is not about creating a fair society.

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Earlier in the interview, Mr McTernan urged Sir Keir Starmer to “ram home” the idea that Brexit is done if he is ever to win back voters.

He believed Labour could fill a political hole where the Conservatives fail with making Brexit work with Labour stepping up to fix the problems.

Mr McTernan also said Labour had “Everest” to climb if it wanted to win the next General Election but argued politics was very “volatile” so anything could happen.

The adviser urged Sir Keir and other Labour leaders to tell voters they were patriotic about the country and to learn from Jeremy Corbyn who, in Mr McTernan’s view, lost because he was not passionate about the country.

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