Labour should 'stop relying on Tories making a mess' says Shola

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The commentator said she struggles with the party during an appearance on LBC today (September 6). She told listeners: “I don’t know what the Labour Party stands for in terms of real policies.”

Dr Shola continued: “It doesn’t feel like they’re galvanising support, a movement, and this is such the right time to do so. The Conservative Party is literally doing so many own goals. I don’t see how they can possibly get things wrong.

“So to my mind, I think that [the] Labour Party needs to stand out better by not relying on the Conservative Party making its own mess. That’s what it feels like.

“I don’t feel as though the Labour Party is going out of its way… Keir Starmer, fine. I’m not feeling like there’s a movement here, but still, he’s more competent, but that’s all. I don’t know anything else for me to say, ‘Yes, I’m going to hang my hat here’.

“Labour needs to do better in being more visible. Don’t just rely on the Conservative Party messing up. For me that’s the only strategy they have.”

Dr Shola’s comments came on the day Liz Truss took office as the country’s third female Prime Minister.

They also come after YouGov released its latest Westminster voting intention figures which show Labour on 43 percent, the Tories on 28 percent and Lib Dems on 11 percent.

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said the party does not think it can win the next General Election on the back of Tory failures.

He told LBC: “We know that we’ve got to earn people’s trust and support. We started from a base in 2019 with our worst election defeat since 1935.


“What Keir Starmer has done since he was elected leader was first of all show the voters he understood the reasons why we lost. Secondly, to make the changes inside the Labour Party so that it is credible and capable of winning an election again.

“And the third plank is to now show that we’ve got the ideas and the policies that show we can make a meaningful difference to people’s lives on the issues the country really cares about.”

He added the party has made huge progress and people see Labour can win the next General Election.

Mr Streeting disagreed when asked why Labour was so divided, saying there has been a real turnaround and the mainstream within the party was in the ascendancy.

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Sir Robert Buckland said the Conservatives must now focus on taking the fight to Labour with the next two years proving crucial to the future of the party’s hopes of running the country.

He said it was imperative the Conservatives show they can deal with the dramatic challenges facing the British public in the form of alarmingly high energy costs.

Sir Robert told he felt sure from day one that Ms Truss will focus on that issue, adding he believed she will come up with a bold and important package to help people.

His remarks came as Labour continued its barrage of criticism against the new Prime Minister, with Deputy Leader Angela Rayner and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan following in the footsteps of Sir Keir who yesterday demanded a windfall tax.

Sir Robert said: “I think it is now really important to focus on our true opponents, which are Keir Starmer and Labour.

“I think minds should very much be focused on how we take the fight to Labour.

“And how we as a Conservative Party demonstrate that not only are we going to carry forward the manifesto commitments that we won a big majority on in 2019, but how we deal with the dramatic challenge that faces the British people and British businesses in the form of alarmingly high energy costs.

“The new Prime Minister, I’m sure from day one, will be focusing hugely on that issue and will come up with a bold and important package to help people in businesses through these hard times.”

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