Coronavirus passports 'should be mandatory' says Gale

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Speaking to talkRADIO’s James Max, the MP for North Thanet reeled off a volley of heavy criticism at unvaccinated Brits. He explained how those that have made the effort to get vaccinated and protect others should not have to be forced to “mix” with those who have not. He insisted how the un-jabbed pose a “lethal” threat and therefore the vaccine passport is totally justifiable and as a result, employers “might have to” fire staff if they do not take a jab. But in a tense stand-off Mr Max fired back arguing that even those who get the jab can still contract and spread coronavirus which he argued undermined Sir Roger’s argument.

Sir Roger said: “What about all the people that have a right not to want to share their company with people who haven’t been vaccinated.

“Why should they not have the right to know that the people they are mixing with have been vaccinated!”

But Max questioned why it made a difference to a vaccinated individual whether people have been vaccinated or not. 

He added how the reasons individuals take vaccines is “not only to reduce the chance” of contracting covid but also to “reduce the chance that you would transmit it”.

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The Conservative MP said: ”It may make the difference between life and death! We don’t allow people to drink and drive, is there a human right that says ‘I’ve got to be allowed to drink and drive’?

“Of course not, why not? Because you might kill people!”

And in a stinging rebuke, he added: “I’m sorry but you might actually be responsible for the cause of killing somebody if you spread a disease that for certain people is lethal.”

The argument descended into chaos as the talkRADIO host questioned the MP’s comments around how the virus is spread, with Mr Max adding how individuals “can carry COVID-19 when you have been vaccinated” which Mr Max said devalued the basis of the Tory MP’s argument.

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Sir Roger went on to compare the vaccine passport to football tickets adding how people do not have a “right” to enter a football match without a ticket just as un-vaccinated individuals don’t have “a right” to be in the presence of those who have been jabbed.

He explained: “It is my choice if I chose not to be vaccinated, that is entirely my business but it does not give me the right to go and mix with people who care and who have been vaccinated, does it?”

Mr Max went on to accuse the MP and the government of trying to “force and coerce” the public into getting the vaccine and the passport, slamming the move as an “unacceptable” and “stealth” move by the government.

Gale accepted “the individual has an absolute right not to be vaccinated” but said the vaccine passport was the way forward and it was “not the right” of the unvaccinated to reject the plans.


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But in a shocking move, Sir Roger said strict measures should be taken by employers if staff cannot prove they have been jabbed.

He said: “If I am an employer and the majority of my workforce have been vaccinated and want to know they are secure in their place of emplyment…

“Then I think they have that right… But its not my choice to inflict that choice onto other people”.

He added how employers “might have to” throw employees out who refuse to get the jab as Mr Max furiously dismissed the calls.

Sacha Lord, the nightime economy advisor for Greater Manchester hit back at the vaccine passport move, he said: “I am not a scientist or a doctor, but I am deeply concerned by the discriminatory nature for those who either can’t have the vaccine for medical reasons or age, or who do not want to. Surely these answers should have been given at the same time as this announcement.”

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