Downing Street has played down reports Boris Johnson could set out a limited set of changes to the UK’s coronavirus lockdown within days.

Number 10 stressed the government’s five tests for easing lockdown measures had not yet been passed.

“We’ve set out that we will review social distancing measures by 7 May,” the prime minister‘s official spokesman said on Tuesday.

“The government is focused upon that date.”

For lockdown measures to be relieved, the government has said:

  • It needs to see the number of coronavirus deaths falling;
  • The NHS must be able to cope;
  • The rate of infection must come down;
  • There needs to be enough supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 tests;
  • It must be confident lifting lockdown measures won’t result in a second peak.

“We’re not at that point yet,” Mr Johnson’s spokesman said.

“I don’t think we’re suggesting for a moment that the five tests currently are met – we will have to wait until they are.”

However, it is understood ministers may set out towards the end of this week how the fight against COVID-19 infections is going, how it is being measured and what will be needed to prevent a second peak of infections.

It had earlier been reported that the prime minister would “put flesh on the bones” of a lockdown exit strategy by the end of this week.

The Times said this could include allowing shops selling “non-essential” items to reopen if they could keep customers two metres apart, and allowing Britons to mix with a wider group of friends and families in limited “bubbles” of people who can see each other.

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