John Lydon slams Labour 'lunacy' and their 'woke agenda'

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John Lydon, also known by his stage name Johnny Rotten, confessed he has “began to despise Labour Party and their woke agenda”. Despite branding Boris Johnson a “professional liar” amid Partygate and the Sue Gray report, he claimed “I don’t trust anything coming out Labour anymore” and added he would rather vote for Tories as he explained at least he “can rely on hypocrisy” but not on Labour Party’s “lunacy”.

Speaking at Piers Morgans Uncensored, Mr Lydon said: “I can’t trust anything coming out Labour anymore.

‘I’ve begun to despise them.

“This woke agenda and all of this nonsense.

“I can’t be tolerating that.

“I would rather vote Conservative because at least I can rely on their hypocrisy.

“But I don’t want to vote for lunacy.

“It’s plain and simple.”

Piers Morgans asked: “Do you think he’s a liar?”

He responded: “Oh, completely.

“If you’re going to write these laws and insist on them and then deliberately go and break them yourself?

“Well, that’s that kind of hypocrisy.

“It’s just a little unfeasible for me.

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“He’s like all politicians really, a professional liar!”.

The claims came as 12 Tory MPs have confirmed they have made calls on Boris Johnson to resign following the publication of Sue Gray’s report.

Conservative MP John Stevenson is the latest Tory MP to reveal to have submitted a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

He explained his move by saying: “Sadly, the Prime Minister appears unwilling to bring matters to a head and submit himself to such a vote. Therefore, the only option is for the Conservative MPs to facilitate a vote of confidence. I have already taken the appropriate action”.

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