Jonathan Reynolds grilled on Labour's energy policies by Phillips

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In a heated argument with Sky News’ Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Mr Reynolds struggled to answer directly to questions over how Labour would handle the UK’s spiralling energy prices, gas and petrol shortages as millions of Britons are braced for a tough winter. Despite repeated efforts, Mr Reynolds instead set about tearing up previous mistakes made by the Government over the handling of a string of crises.

Mr Phillips slammed: “What would you do differently now?” What would you have said if you were sitting in the secretary of state’s seat this morning?

Reynolds hit back: “If I was responsible for energy policy first of all I wouldn’t have stalled the nuclear programme.

“I would have proceeded with a very efficient energy sufficiency programme… The UK’s housing stock is incredibly inefficient and there are huge gains that can be made 

“We shouldn’t have had the ban on onshore wind farms – that has clearly been self-defeating.”

But Trevor Phillips was having none of it as he demanded a straight answer: “You’re telling me what the government should not have done! “I would really like you know what you would do today!”

Mr Reynolds then set off again criticising previous decisions made by the Government as he said cutting the £20-a-week universal credit uplift was a bad move given the energy crisis the UK is in.

He added how the Government have also implemented policy which has stretched household budgets before calling on reforms to the labour market as he set about tearing up the Governments shortfalls.

The Labour MP suggested “real actions” the government should do as he suggested how a climate has been created by previous decisions by the Conservative government which are compounding the issues on the ground. 

More to follow…

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