Brexit voter calls for second referendum and move to the Euro

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Simon from Southampton joined LBC’s Cross Questions and waded in on the Brexit debate before revealing he regretted voting leave in 2016. He explained he was not informed enough to make a smart choice at the time and argues the referendum was “stolen” from him and many others. But Simon went one step further and revealed he has reformed his views, now arguing the UK should go ahead with another referendum to go back into the European Union and wanted to see the UK adopt the Euro and even join an EU army.

Speaking on LBC’s Cross Questions with host Iain Dale, Simon discussed the Brexit referendum and how he voted in it. 

He told the show: “Let’s have a second referendum, whilst there are people like me in the world I will never let it rest because this was stolen from me…”

Mr Dale pointed out his vote was not “stolen” if Simon did not choose to make a decision based off evidence and research. 

Simon retorted: “Exactly, so this whole thing has happened based on lies and misinformation and that can’t be right, that cannot be right.

“So, for the time being let’s go back to the Single Market, Customs Union and free movement of people.

“Absolutely, because then at least we get to benefit from going and living in the EU as well as them coming here.

“But ideally, a second referendum, and let’s rejoin… let’s have the Euro, let’s have a EU army!” 

The panel began laughing at Simon as they could not believe the complete 180 he had pulled. 

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A YouGov poll published on July 15 showed 37 percent of respondents believe the UK Government is doing a good job of Brexit whereas 50 percent disagree.

Before the UK officially left the EU, only around 27 percent believed the Government was doing a good job with 60 percent disagreeing. 

Another YouGov poll published in January looked at how Brexit was being perceived across Europe with both Germany and the UK agreeing the rest of the EU does the best out of Brexit. 

However, France narrowly believes the UK has benefitted with 21 percent saying the EU and then both sides have benefitted with 22 percent saying the UK comes out on top. 

Over 46 million people voted during the Brexit referendum in 2016 voting 52 to 48 percent to leave. 

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The following four years were dominated by the decision as the Government struggled to get a deal across the line, missing several deadlines in the process. 

The UK left the EU at the end of January 2020 with the transition period ending in December. 

The UK is still wrangling with the Northern Ireland Protocol which gives Northern Ireland special status within the Customs Union. 

Goods entering NI from Great Britain may be subject to checks as if they were entering the European Union but hold-ups at the border and new rules have made it difficult for companies to adapt. 

The UK was granted an extension to its grace period on chilled means until September as ministers from the bloc and UK Government continue to negotiate the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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