Brexit: Jacob Rees-Mogg weighs in on Northern Ireland Protocol

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Ms Truss is hoping to rip up parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol to unilaterally remove the need for checks on goods coming from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. She feels that the long-running negotiations with the EU have reached the end of a long impasse and nothing more can be done. Mr Sefcovic said that with “political will” and “genuine commitment” joint solutions to issues raised concerning the protocol can be found. But a Number 10 spokesman said: “We are working extremely hard to find real solutions to this. But what is clear is that the EU’s proposals as they stand do not fix the underlying problems with the Protocol. In some cases they make things worse.” Sources told The Telegraph that a decision would be taken as early as Monday on whether to give ministers powers to override large parts of the Brexit withdrawal deal.


John Curtice delivers brutal blow to Boris as Tories lose grip on Brexit strongholds

Last week’s local elections put on a disappointing show for the Conservatives, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitting a “tough” result for the Tories.

The party lost control of 11 councils and almost 500 seats, including the key Tory boroughs of Westminster and Wandsworth.

This local election picture is one of Tory losses in their “heartland” areas in the south, Sir John argued, where the ruling party are in “greater trouble”.

Sir John Curtice said the “impact of Brexit on the electoral geography of party support is still very, very strong”.

Comparing the 2022 local election results with four years ago, or with the picture from 2016, “there’s still a very strong pattern of the Conservatives doing better in Leave areas and worse in Remain areas”.

He then added: “But if you compare that with last year’s local elections, then you do find that trend beginning to be reversed.”

No stopping us now! Boris given legal sign off to rip up Brexit deal after talks failure

Suella Braverman is understood to have advised the Prime Minister that legislation to overrule the Northern Ireland Protocol would not break the law.

She says the implementation of the deal by Brussels is “disproportionate and unreasonable”, opening the door to action.

The Protocol was introduced as part of the 2019 Brexit withdrawal agreement, but ministers have since sought to renegotiate the mechanism due to the EU’s heavy-handed approach.

Ms Braverman agreed with Mr Johnson’s assessment that the approach being taken by eurocrats is undermining the Good Friday Agreement.

She argued the Protocol undermined the integrity of the United Kingdom by imposing bureaucratic customs checks of goods crossing the Irish Sea.

The attorney general argued the problems were causing serious civil unrest that risked a return to the dark days of The Troubles unless action was taken.

“There’s mountains of evidence that there’s a trade barrier down the middle of our country,” a Government source told The Times.

“Suella has argued that trade is being diverted.”

They added: “There are increasing signs of violence in Northern Ireland.

“That can’t be allowed to carry on.”

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