Brexit: Expert discusses UK’s ‘major advantages’ in trade

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Director-General of the think tank Centre for Brexit Policy, John Longworth, argued the UK could prove to be a powerhouse post-coronavirus and post-EU. During an interview with, he highlighted the many sought after skills the UK market has to offer. He insisted Boris Johnson must utilise multiple industries to see the biggest economic boom after leaving the EU.

Brexit Britain must exploit the massive advantage of ‘Brand Great Britain’ for growth

Mr Longworth said: “If the UK Government do absolutely nothing at all to help Britain take advantage of Brexit and create growth in a post-Covid world, even with the Government doing nothing at all, the UK has major advantages in terms of trade with the world.

“Firstly we have brand Britain, from my experience of trading on every continent, brand Britain is hugely valued around the world as a sign of quality.

“The UK obviously has comparative advantages as a leading light in services.

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“Things like financial services, banking, professional services and also in education.

“With some of the top universities in the world, it is only really the UK and US who have these top universities.

“The European Union are way down in the rankings.”

Mr Longworth reiterated the many ways Brexit-Britain would appeal to companies and other nations around the globe.

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He said: “So in all those areas the UK has massive potential for exporting as we develop a services agreement across the globe.”

“We are still a major manufacturing nation, I think it is around number 9 in the world at the moment.

“Near 11 percent of the economy is manufacturing and it is high-end manufacturing.

“This relies very much on design so we actually do make a lot of stuff in the UK even though the stuff that is made outside of the UK for UK companies is often based on British design.

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“In both the engineering, design and the making we are still a leading light.”

Mr Longworth highlighted the opportunities available to the UK if taxes were cut post-Covid as well.

He said: “If the Government actually reduced corporate taxes and did trade deals or unilaterally removed tariffs then the economy will boom further.

“The more open we are as a nation, the more we will be able to trade and the more we will be able to excel in the areas that we have a comparative advantage.”

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