Boris Johnson: It’s ‘unfair’ to say government was ‘unprepared’

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Boris Johnson has been slammed by Labour MP Toby Perkins over calls to increase the UK’s foreign aid contribution to Afghanistan only a month after the Prime Minister fought to lower state aid. MP held an urgent debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday to discuss the Government’s handling of recent events in Afghanistan which saw the Taliban sweep into power. Earlier today Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab argued that aid to Afghanistan could increase by 10 percent in light of the ongoing crisis.

Mr Perkins told his fellow MPs: “He talks of the lack of ambition and the lack of urgency which of cause summarises everything about this Government’s approach to this crisis and many others.

“Isn’t it telling about the whole approach of this Government that when we have an Afghan Government who we wanted to support they should cut the amount of overseas aid we sent.

“Now the Taliban are in charge they are talking about increasing the amount of overseas aid.” 

It comes as Mr Johnson told the emergency debate in Parliament that there needed to be an immediate increase in aid to Afghanistan amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis.


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