Boris Johnson has risked the fury of his own party by handing hapless former minister Chris Grayling a plum job, it has been reported.

The ex-Transport Secretary will sit on Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee.

And according to the Sun , other Tories on the committee have been ordered to elect him as the body’s new chairman.

The prestigious committee has the role of scrutinising the UK’s security services including MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

The committee was formerly run by Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General.

And its first job will be to publish the long-delayed report on Russian influence in British politics, which the government refused to release before the election.

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Dubbed ‘Failing Grayling’ – the long-serving Cabinet Minister left the government last summer after nine years of failure and catastrophe.

Mr Grayling was Justice Secretary when he pioneered the part-privatisation of the probation system in 2014.

Other failures on his watch have included legal aid cuts, train timetable changes, the East Coast rail line, court and tribunal fees, Saudi prison training and benefits 'workfare'.

And perhaps most spectacularly, he handed a lucrative post-Brexit ferries contract to a firm that had no ferries.

Seaborne Freight's £13.8m deal fell apart after the firm was mocked for lacking ships and apparently copying terms and conditions from a takeaway website.

Mr Grayling has previously insisted he's targeted unfairly, blaming the criticism he receives on "left-wing" unions and his support for Brexit .

The chairmanship of the Intelligence and Security Committee has traditionally been handed to MPs as a reward for long service to the government.

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