Brexit: Expert says 'review clause' may be placed into agreeement

Boris Johnson warned on Thursday the chances of securing a deal with the European Union are dwindling and a no deal Brexit could be in the cards. The Prime Minister agreed with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to keep talks going until Sunday but optimism appears to be running out. Former Downing Street adviser Mats Persson however claimed Mr Johnson could still secure a deal if precedents used in previous negotiations with the bloc are adopted.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Persson said: “It has been dealt with in the past. You can put into place a review clauses.

“You can have sunset clauses, you can come back at a later date to see if the two parties are still happy with the arrangement.

“We saw that, for example, in the deal that was struck around the Irish border back when the withdrawal agreement was negotiated. “

The Northern Ireland clause included in the withdrawal agreement struck last year caused major division between the UK and the EU. 

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But Michael Gove this week announced an agreement had been reached with Brussels to avoid unnecessary disruption to trade between the north and south of the isle of Ireland. 

Mr Persson added: “So there are precedents where seemingly irreconcilable differences have been deal through, for lack of a better expression, muddling through.”

Despite agreeing that the talks should continue until the weekend, Mr Johnson told Cabinet on Thursday: “Now is the time for the public and businesses to get ready for January 1, because believe me there’s going to be change either way.”

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Fisheries, state aid and a level playing field have remained the key point of contention between the UK and the EU.

The UK’s fishing industry has urged Boris Johnson to secure a strong deal with Norway when Britain fully cuts ties with the bloc on December 31.

Britain has already signed a new areement with Norway under which the two countries will hold annual negotiations on access to waters and quotas.

The Fisheries Framework Agreement struck earlier this year showed the willingness to co-operate as independent coastal states, according to officials

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The treaty incorporates the same principles the UK has sought in Brexit talks with the Brussels – a framework agreement which reflects the UK’s and Norway’s rights under international law.

Hull-based UK Fisheries is now urging the Government to use the framework as the basis for a future long-term deal.

Should negotiations conclude without an agreement, the UK and the EU will begin trading on World Trade Organisation terms – with the necessary tariffs and duties – from January 1.

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