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Under ‘Operation Red Meat’, the Royal Navy would take over from the Border Force within the next few weeks in the battle to prevent those crossing the Channel in small boats from entering the UK. The plan is part of a series of actions the Prime Minister is planning to quell outrage over the Downing Street parties during Covid lockdown restrictions.

Other plans under ‘Operation Red Meat’ to win back voters and donors include announcing new plans to removie any remaining Covid-19 restrictions on January 26.

In direct response to anger over the Downing Street parties, plans are also being drawn up for a “booze ban” to  end the drinking culture in “Club Downing Street”.

The Prime Minister plans to freeze the BBC licence fee for two years, unveil new plans to tackle the backlog of operations in the NHS and put forward extra money for skills and job training for the 1.5 million people who are out of work and on universal credit.

Michael Gove’s white paper on “levelling-up” the North is also being moved forward and is now set to publish in the coming weeks.

Natalie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, welcomed the move to bring in the Navy in the English Channel.

She said to The Sun: “Everyone knows the Royal Navy rules the waves.

“This sends a clear message how serious Britain is about putting a stop to these dangerous crossings.”


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