Question Time audience member questions Tories’ ‘morality’

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The weekly debate program was in Beckenham in the London Borough of Bromley this Thursday night. Host Fiona Bruce was joined by Employment minister Mims Davies, Labour MP Stella Creasy, SNP MP Stephen Flynn, professor Jordan Peterson and former chief crown prosecutor for North West England Nazir Afzal.

The topic of MPs having second jobs was put on the table by two women in the audience at the end of the debate.

A first woman said: “I do think it matters whether they are spending one hour or 100 hours on a side project.

“If you are truly representing your constituents, if you are truly preparing for participation in a Government process, then that should take the full focus of your time.”

Another audience member followed by saying: “I think the run-up to the election is long enough for MPs or future MPs to get their finances in order before they enter the house.

“A five-year contract at £82,000 a year plus expenses seems a pretty stable contract to me.”

Lawyer Nazir Afzal then made a suggestion of jobs that MPs could do as a second occupation that would not bother him.

The former chief crown prosecutor said: “I don’t mind them having second jobs, as long as it’s stacking the empty shelves in supermarkets, HGV lorries or picking fruit because then they’d understand the consequences of their decisions.”

The audience applauded his suggestion but the BBC, on Twitter, wrote that Mr Afzal was only joking.

Many viewers actually agreed with the solicitor’s suggestion.

Aaron Vincent tweeted: “They could be picking up poop tomatoes off Kent beaches since they voted to pump raw sewage into Britain’s rivers and seas.”

He was referring to the tomatoes found by a Wildlife Conservation employee along the seafront in Pegwell Bay, near Ramsgate.

The so-called “poop tomatoes” could be a direct consequence of legal sewage releases on shores over the summer.

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As tomato seeds are able to survive the wastewater treatment process, the campaigner was sure they were due to the release of human sewage in the area.

Claire Greener-Tobin commended Mr Afzal on his proposition writing: “I salute you @nazirafzal for calling it out, as ultimately majority of these second jobs benefit no one but individuals doing the 16k a month ‘consultancy’ work when most are career politicians.”

“I don’t think he was joking. I think he made a very valid point,” tweeted Missy_Ports.

Dr Project Reality added one more job to the list tweeting: “Or maybe they could help out with the vacancies in the abattoirs that George Eustice thinks working mothers could fill?”

Gary Brindle went even further saying that Nazir Afzal’s proposition was the “best comment” of all night.

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