Question Time: Fiona Bruce rejects question

Fiona Bruce rejected an audience member’s question on tonight’s BBC Question Time as Piers Morgan was left laughing at the “great” contribution.

The audience member asked if Labour is ready for power when the party has previously struggled to define what a woman is.

But the question came during a debate on how young people get on the housing ladder and when the panel show was nearing its end.

There had already been a discussion on whether Sir Keir Starmer’s party is ready to govern earlier in the programme.

The audience member said: “Over 52 percent of this country are women are we sure that Labour is ready to govern when it spent four years denying that a woman is an adult human female?”

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There was applause from other members of the audience as Morgan said: “Great question.”

Bruce replied: “It’s an interesting question but not the one Imogen asked so if you’ll forgive me I’m going to stick with that.”

A laughing Morgan added: “Still a great question.”

Some shouting could be heard in the background as Bruce went on: “I’ve got about seven minutes left and I’ve got to let the panel answer Imogen’s question so forgive me.”

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It comes after Labour leader Sir Keir in April suggested one in 1,000 women have a penis.

Amid questions on how to define a woman, he said: “For 99.9 percent of women, it is completely biological… and of course they haven’t got a penis.”

But in July Sir Keir said a woman is “an adult female” as he sought to clarify his views on gender.

He said: “Firstly, a woman is an adult female, so let’s clear that one up.”

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