The eternal Home-Workout Routine begins to bore you, and something New is supposed to come from? Then, these crisp Handstand could be Exercises just Right for you!

Fitness Coach and power woman Zuzka Light has put together on your Instagram channel a varied Workout that you put your Training to the head.

And in the truest sense of the word – because the Exercises are all performed in a Handstand. But don’t worry – you have to be a hand of professional to be able to this Workout imitate.

The necessary stabilization, you can use a wall as a support.

The upper-body strength test

Fitness trainer Zuzka is no time or repetition number for each of the six Exercises, however, you should be slow at the beginning and at the unfamiliar attitude of pre-keys. You can extend the Handstand-Training with a little Exercise to your liking.

Beginners should start with 30 seconds per Exercises and a total of two passes. Put in in between sets so quiet short breaks, in which your arms but also may schwindelige head of the unusual stress can recover.

You should feel that your arms or the cycle don’t make it, listen to these signals – continuing to prefer the Training on another day, instead of falling on the head.

For the demanding Training, you need nothing more, except for your loose clothing, and some space in a building or a door. If you want to train indoors, be sure to have enough space next to you.

Then, we can go – only up you get!

1. Scissors

Output position of the first Exercise is the Handstand with your back to the wall displays – the ideal way removed your hands for about 30 to 50 centimeters from the wall and directly under your shoulders up.

Moving in this Position, your legs are offset to the front and back: One on the wall, the other is the counterweight to the front.

The challenge in this Exercise is to keep the leg change the balance. While you’re separated, always briefly from the stable support. The belly remains tight and the back straight.

2. Up and Down

The next Exercise may look simple, but turn out to be quite exhausting. Position yourself first, so in the squat in front of the wall, as you wanted to swing you in the Handstand up:

Your hands are stable on the ground and you find yourself in the deep squat. Pullin ‘ you out of this with both legs full of power, so that your feet sit finally on the wall.

Stretch your legs now, but not to the top, but you sink back to the ground, in the squat down. Et voilà, that was a repeat.

3. Wall-Walk

Find yourself once again in a Handstand on the wall. This Time shows your face, but not this way, but to her.

The course is now on the wall first of three steps along, you put your right Arm and the right leg is always parallel to the page and the left limb, then tighten. Then it goes back in the other direction.

4. Hip Touch

If it allows your arm strength, you can stay directly in this Handstand. Your arms are directly under your shoulders, with your legs open a little, so you can have more balance.

Shift your weight controls on the right Arm. Release the left Arm from the floor and touch your hip on the same side. Return to the starting position and perform the movement with the other side.

5. Reverse Mountain Climbers

On your hands for this Exercise a little further from the wall – about a metre is optimal. Look back to the wall and place your feet on this on.

Pull your legs alternately, as in the case of the ordinary Mountain Climbers, to your body center. Here, you don’t have to be very quick – adjust your speed so that you can while still stable on the wall.

Make sure when Tightening your legs to exactly the contraction of your abdominal muscles. So the muscle soreness is safe for you!

6. Legs open

The last Exercise is for the benefit of the flexibility of your legs. A find you for the last Time in the Handstand to the wall. Your hands are tight at this placed and in your face again to the wall, turned.

Solve now your right leg from the wall and sink it, still stretched out as far to the right side, as it allows your body. Return to the starting position and, again, this movement repeat with the other side.

After this last run-through of your set timer, you’ve done it. To improve, practice regularly, it’s best to your technique, strength, and endurance in a Handstand.

Cornelia Bertram

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