1. Water is how to drink on a diet

True! A study of Charité hospital in Berlin showed that the energy consumption is increased by Drinking water.

In the case of two litres per day consumption is about 100 kilo calories. The water diluted the blood for a short time, triggering, apparently, a Reflex in the liver, which in turn activates the sympathetic nervous system.

2. Ice cold drinks also for cooling

Not true.

Desert peoples have sworn for centuries that warm beverages are more refreshing on a hot day.

Ice-cold Drinks cause a cold shock in the body. As compensation, more heat is produced. Who does not like tea, choose juice or water with room temperature.

3. Wrinkles can be prevented by drinking lots of water

Yes and no, the scientific evidence is still out.

Is that a lot of Drinking promotes blood circulation to the skin. The pharmacologists of the Charité hospital in Berlin found out: Even 10 minutes after Drinking, the skin is stimulated better blood circulation and the metabolism of.

The resulting revitalisation effect in the long term could provide a fresher look.

4. The color of the urine you can see whether you have enough to drink

True, orange-brown, beer-coloured urine is a sign that you drink to little. But beware, the “Morning urine” is often darker.

Almost colorless urine indicates that you have had too much to drink. Ideal is a bright yellow coloring.

5. Who wants to sweat less, you should also drink a little

This recommendation can even be dangerous. Because those who drink too little, you risk your health due to dehydration.

The body must take, especially if you sweat – the lost quantity of water, in order not to dry out. A sufficient supply of liquid ensures that all the organs are functioning well.

6. Whoever is thirsty, drinks too late

Not true.

Many believe that you have to drink before thirst sets in. “Nonsense,” says nutritionist Uwe Knop.

“Thirst is a Signal of the body. So he wants to say: I need water now, not earlier and not later.”

According to an international panel of experts this also applies to athletes: Even marathon runners should only drink when you feel thirsty.

Overall, it should take about two liters of fluid a day.

7. More oxygen in the water increases the efficiency

Not true.

Water, enriched with oxygen, makes no sense, because the stomach can intestinal take tract only minimal amounts of it.

For the oxygen uptake in the lungs is responsible. The oral absorption of oxygen water saturation of the blood can not be increased significantly.

8. Fruit to eat can be a substitute for water

True. Drinking muffle can spruce up your fluid balance by the consumption of water-rich fruits and some vegetables.

In the summer leaf salads are a perfect Snack. A particularly high proportion of water-melons, oranges, nectarines and strawberries, but also cucumbers, tomatoes and Zucchini.


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