“May I go with my friends to the lake?” These or similar questions are in the summer, many parents holiday hear.

Associated with the assessment: Is my child a safe swimmer? A decision aid there are now at least.

“The safe swimmer is the one who has the badge, the floating in Bronze, which satisfies the disciplines for it”, explains Achim Wiese of Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG) of the dpa.

“Because parents can say so far: ‘Okay, you can with your classmates, alone, to the pool to go.'”

This Definition was agreed between the standing conference and the Association for the promotion of swimming training (BFS), in which the DLRG is.

In addition to the Definition, the test procedure has been revised. Since January, the new rules are in force in a transition phase, they are introduced gradually.

Package jump – or like him, most of the kids probably call it: the ass-bomb – from the One-Meter Board. 15 minutes of Swimming without a break. Two-Meter-Deep Diving. These are some of the requirements for the Bronze badge, the free float.

Dagmar Sauerlandt, a swimming teacher, the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe, knows that one. “I think it’s good that you put more value on endurance performance, as only time and distance in the foreground,” she says.

“The increases in the floating security.” Students would have to learn so, your force better budgeting.

Swimming lessons will be extended

That this claim to the safe swimmer was now in Germany for elementary school children, have an impact on the training of the schools, says Meadow.

“Because some States have said: We are in elementary school up to the seahorse. Then our children can swim. And since we have not set now, in fact, the hook behind it, that is.”

Because the seahorse is badge no swimming, but the water habituation, he says. Also Sauerlandt says, in any case, parents should let their children have only a sea horse, alone, into the water.

Because many children in Germany are at least in elementary school about the seahorse. A survey commissioned by the DLRG from the year 2017, according to about 60 percent of the ten-year-olds have badge no swimming.

The reasons are many and varied. Many schools have pools with no or only limited access to swimming. Many teachers would also subject foreign to you, says Meadow.

Private swimming lessons could not compensate for this. The waiting times are long. Also, this was for many families a financial issue, so Meadow.

The BFS is hoping that the new rules also provide a better quality education. The länder would give to swim to the topic of School a higher priority, says the Chairman of the Association, Helmut Stöhr.

Nevertheless, investments in infrastructure are absolutely necessary.

Even if most of the children are supposed to learn in primary school age swim, would have liked Sauerlandt more possibility for differentiation between the age groups at the requirements.

To exchange the possibility of similar services against each other, would find them useful.

Five-year-old or senior citizens who want to make a swimming badge, simply could not afford the Same as others.

“For example, the package jump from A 70-Year-old physically is not feasible. If it comes up there is wrong, it can cause damage to the spine,” she says. The candles the jump was comparable to that of safe performance.

Currently, much of this is still theory. Because of the Corona-crisis, no swimming lessons will take place at the moment. This could exacerbate many problems.

Some of the children will now have to wait even longer for their swimming training, so Sauerlandt. Given the long swimming break, Corona advises but also children who are not yet long to the safe swimmers: At the lake, you should make it this year, want to get cautious, to see how well it works with the Swimming, actually.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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