Camilla Parker, wife of Prince Charles, recently said he is one of the fittest men of his age

Even at 72 years of age, Prince Charles makes sure he keeps himself absolutely fit, for which he is known to follow a strict workout regime.

In an interview with BBC, Camilla Parker, wife of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, was quoted as saying, “He (Prince Charles) is probably the fittest man of his age I know.” She added, “He’ll walk and walk and walk. He’s like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind.”

Several studies in the past have shown how walking benefits the body. Fast-paced or brisk walking is an effective cardio workout that makes you sweat and burn calories. It also helps you lose excess weight. Unlike other exercises, brisk walking can be done anywhere, at any time of the day.

Experts say brisk walking can help lower the risk of heart diseases when done at least five days a week. It also helps keep blood sugar levels under control. A 30-minute walk every day can also help boost memory while improving mental health. It also enhances creativity and cognitive functioning.

Prince Charles, who recently recovered from COVID-19, is also said to be a fan of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s five basic exercises (5BX), an 11-minute workout regime, mention The Telegraph in an article. Developed by Dr Bill Orban in the late 1950s, this exercise plan was designed for men and includes difficult variations of stretching, sit-up, back extension, push-up, and running.

Would you like to follow this workout regime?

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