“Cluster isolation is the deal, in my opinion, the most pragmatic way, with the pandemic,” said doctors President Klaus Reinhardt, the German press Agency in Berlin. It will be housed in the Occurrence of infections in one place quickly all the contact persons in quarantine.

Holidaymakers warned Reinhardt to comply with the currently usual precautionary measures against the Coronavirus on their trips.

“Exit only, the Ultima may be a lock ratio”, asked Reinhardt. “It is good that the Federation and the Länder, the infection be done locally to limit.”

The Federal government and the Länder had agreed to lock out the ability of local Departure, if the number of infections is increasing in the affected area, or there is no certainty that the infection chain is broken.

Model Of Japan: A Cluster-Insulation

“It would be even wiser to do what is practiced, for instance in Japan, the so-called Cluster-isolation,” said the President of the Federal chamber of physicians.

“If there are more than five infection cases are reported in an event or at a venue, then all the contact persons to be identified as quickly as possible completely and in a domestic quarantine accommodated.”

Even before it come so to a great testing, would interrupt the chains of Infection. “But not for 14 days, according to the latest scientific and medical findings of a week is quite enough.”

Longer the infectivity of Covid-19 had to be calculated. With such an approach you don’t need a large number of testing of people without symptoms.

“Despite a loosening of restrictions, it didn’t come with us to a second shaft and with the compliance with Hygiene and caution measures and a strategy of the Cluster, applicable to the insulation, it may succeed well, the infection numbers on the up-to-date low level and to prevent a second Lockdown,” said the doctors President.

“But we must remain vigilant and always remember.”

Vacationers have a particular responsibility

A special responsibility Reinhardt looks at the moment with the holiday makers. “It is not advisable to travel to vacation places where the infection rates are currently high, currently, the southern States of the United States or Brazil, before all things, if you count the at-risk groups,” said Reinhardt.

“And it is the distance and hygiene rules also apply in the holidays,” said the President of the chamber. “This is important, very important.”

Completely incomprehensible was it, as some holiday makers had the same behaviour before a week in Mallorca. “Party in the pandemic – that is simply irresponsible.” On the holiday island, people had celebrated in defiance of the precautionary measures.

Reinhardt noted: “There is no Corona-free Zone, not even on the ball man.” Without an effective Stop to such meetings, the infection would have to pay up. “As much as we should have learned from the first wave,” said Reinhardt.

The doctors President warned: “Until we have an effective vaccine and the pandemic can actually defeat it, we must all act responsibly, and especially for the protection of all those who are threatened by Covid-19 especially, the Elderly and many people with pre-existing conditions.”

The precautions to be observed, is not too much to ask. “You do not need to now partying in the Disco.” You move around with distance on the beach or do sports, whether it’s for other completely harmless.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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