Here's how you can become a handstand ninja like Commando actor Vidyut Jammwal.

Touted to be among the fittest in Bollywood, actor Vidyut Jammwal is known to attempt extremely challenging exercises with ease. Recently, the Commando actor posted a video on Instagram where he can be seen acing a sturdy handstand. The video had his followers mesmerised.

Take a look:

As suggested : Practising stillness in solitude . … #countryboy #kalaripayattu #itrainlikevidyutjammwal

A post shared by Vidyut Jammwal (@mevidyutjammwal) on

Here’s what he wrote: “As suggested: Practising stillness in solitude.”

If you too have been practising the handstand for a while, but have not been able to perfect it, here are some points you should take note of. These will help prevent a fall and further improve your handstand ability, allowing you to hold it for longer than just a few seconds.

Here’s how.

Not squeezing the legs and thighs together

A common mistake is not squeezing the legs and thighs together when one is in the upside down position. Doing so makes the body rigid and creates more tension through the trunk and core.

The headstand becomes sturdier if you keep your toes pointed and the glutes squeezed. You will also feel the difference when it comes to maintaining balance.

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Not treating your hands as feet

Since the focus is now on the hands (as you are in an inverted pose), the fingers should be spread apart as if one is playing the piano. This creates a wider base and provides more stability. Ensure that the pressure is equal on both hands, this means it should be applied on the fingertips, underneath the knuckles and on the heel of the palms.

Relaxing your shoulders

Inactive shoulders or relaxing them during a handstand increases the pressure across the chest, may arch the back and also require more efforts to pull off the exercise. While performing the same, one should think of reaching the hands through the ground. Make sure your hands are close to your ears. This helps create more balance through the shoulder girdle.

Not finding a point of focus

To maintain the pose for a considerable amount of time, select a point of focus which doesn’t require you to crane your neck. Focus on the point without moving the eyes at all.

Take your time and continue to practice. 

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