With the suitable High Intensity interval Training (HIIT) comes each into a sweat – even without additional Weights.

How exhausting such a Workout is when you grab the dumbbells then?

With our current HIIT Workout you can do it under the professional guidance of a training expert and a Personal Trainer Seyit Ali Shobeiri find out for yourself.

The perfect full body Workout

In about 50 minutes, he will bring you surely to your physical Limit and with the help of his selected Exercises pretty much every muscle strand to tremble.

Legs, buttocks, back, arms and chest for each area of the body there is something.

For the workout you will need dumbbells in addition to your Training, it is still short.

Seyit is recommended for:

  • Women for a weight of four to six kilograms
  • Men will have a weight of eight to twelve kilograms

Of course, you can adjust the weights individually to your training level.

Take you, but not right at the beginning. Due to the high number of repetitions, the weight, as with each round more difficult.

HOWTO: Each of the six Exercises will be completed per round, each 20 Times, or 90 seconds. After each round there is a break for a Minute, before it is rock hard. You can do all four rounds?

Muscle strength and fat-burning maximize

The advantage of this type of training is not only that you can perform it easy at home.

Through the combination of intense muscle irritate and very short to no breaks, driven your pulse properly to the top.

“The beauty of this Workout is not: we only train our body, but also burn a lot of calories,” confirms Seyit.

You are asking for by these compound Exercises not only your muscle strength, you have time to get angry is equal to your fat-burning – sounds like a perfect workout!

A further advantage: Due to the high number of repetitions and the additional Weights do not have to be difficult – your muscles are put to use in any case.

What are you waiting for? Grab the dumbbells and get going!

1. Squats to press with shoulder

This first compound Exercise, right from the start of your entire body to work hard and will make for a neat muscle soreness in your legs and shoulders.

  • The dumbbells keep your shoulders, your palms facing the body. Let you in the depths of the Squat down.
  • Express yourself with your legs up in the Stand and lift both dumbbells with arms stretched over your head.
  • Let the arms back down and go again into the deep Squat to start the Exercise from the front.

Tip: your Butt muscles work hard to make sure you targeted with the heels to the top to press.

2. Lunges with lateral raise

Also in the case of this exercise, combined with your legs and shoulders have to serve again.

  • Position yourself at one end of your exercise Mat, in each Hand a weight.
  • Do a lunge to the rear – your front leg forms a 90-degree angle, the rear knee almost touches the ground.
  • To teach you, then back to the front and perform the lateral raise, you lift both Weights to the side up to the height of your shoulders.

To make your shoulders really intensive work, lifting the Weights explosively to the top and let them slowly and controlled back down.

3. Deadlifts with biceps Curls

Intense it is in this Exercise. A lot of fun with the combination of deadlifts and bicep Curls.

  • Start in an upright, hüftbreiten Stand. In each outstretched Arm is a weight.
  • Bend your torso to go forward, slowly, slightly in the knees and let the dumbbells on your legs in a controlled shut down.
  • If you find yourself at the approximate height of your shins, and raise you up again, by pressing your buttocks to the front.
  • Perform in Stand-still with both arms in a biceps Curl by bringing the Weights in front of your shoulders.

Caution: Let the shoulders during the deadlift does not hang, but pull your shoulder blades actively to the rear – thus, you spare your spine.

4. Plank Row

This Exercise will put your body under high-voltage output position is in fact the high Plank.

  • Position yourself for your with your hands on the dumbbells.
  • Perform in this Position, the circular movement by pulling your weight on one Arm and the other Arm including the weight to the side of your body upwards.

Perform these movements prefer something slower and more controlled to you on the dumbbells really sure to keep.

Also, make sure to keep your head in extension of your back – the view is to the floor.

5. Pool lift and tight, Press

Soon you managed to make it just a little and the ass cheeks together pinching the latter you need to do this Exercise anyway.

  • Lie back on your Mat, the legs are angled, in each Hand a dumbbell is.
  • Press both Weights in front of your chest up and lift your pelvis up. Lifting and lowering is controlled in this Position, the dumbbells – your bottom remains permanently in the air.

As with the squats, the following applies: in Order to trigger your Butt-muscles, should be your weight mainly on the heels.

6. Sprint on the spot

Now it is once again full throttle and give all the reserves of strength to mobilize! If you’re not so far out of breath, you will be guaranteed to this final sprint.

  • Hold in each Hand a dumbbell and perform for 90 seconds in the Sprint, you must move as quickly as possible, your knees up.

Forget just for the effort even to Breathe. Then you got the Training behind you – very well done!

Cornelia Bertram

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