Anyone who loves coffee don’t want to do without on hot summer days, cold coffee specialities experience in the warm half of the year is always a real Hype.

A variety of coffee-containing refreshing beverages, there is a lack, therefore, in any supermarket. However, even if the drinks look refreshing, they are often still not a lightweight.

A lot of cold coffee sugar bombs are drinks

For this reason, the consumer calls the Central Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the consumption of iced coffee and co. to caution. Especially caffeine-containing soft drinks directly from the cooling equipment, it is not uncommon neat in itself – and, unfortunately, not only taste technically.

Cold coffee drinks have at least as high in caffeine as a normal Cup of coffee and can whip up so neatly – especially if you can drink it as a thirst quencher.

But this is not the largest point of criticism of consumer advocates. Warn you instead, before the drinks, especially as the unhealthy calories covered.

The main components of the Cold Coffees are, in fact, not only coffee and milk, but also sugar.

48 grams of sugar found the consumer according to the nutrition table in a 400-Milliliter bottle of coffee drink. This corresponds to 16 pieces of sugar cubes.

Ingredients carefully study

Depending on the type of soda, the sugar content can vary of course. In addition, the total amount of energy drinks of course also depends on how much of coffee beverage is included in the cups. A sample of the consumer centre of the span ranged from 190 to 400 milliliters.

In any case, it makes sense to take a look at the nutrient table to learn where the sugar content of the coffee drinks has to be specified.

But: Even a sugar poorer variant must, unfortunately, be healthy for a long time. That is because for the case that artificial sweeteners have been set, is extracted for the health of little. In addition, many of the coffee drinks from the refrigerated counter also still contain plenty of additives.

The consumer protection found, for example, often a thickening agent such as carrageenan and emulsifiers, modified starch and acidity regulators in the Drinks – questionable artificial additions that had to do with a freshly brewed Cup of coffee only a little.

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