Struggling to concentrate on work? Feeling uninspired to finish your tasks? This 10-minute circuit will have you feeling re-motivated in no time.

Whether you’re an hour into a Teams meeting, are on the fifth point of your to-do list or you’re hungover from the night before, concentration at work can be up and down. Perhaps you try the Pomodoro Technique (working for 20 minutes before a five minute break), or you try to power through with coffee and music. 

Or maybe you just give into quiet quitting and do the bare minimum for the rest of the day. 

If you do have a lot to do, however, and you need a boost, then the best way to get that is to step away from your desk. Studies show that breaking up your nine-to-five with a workoutimproves problem-solving abilities by 10% and efficiency by 15%. So, schedule this ten-minute full-body workout in before your next call.

The 10-minute full-body workout for concentration

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit, resting for 60 seconds between each round.

Kettlebell deadlift

  1. With the kettlebell placed between your feet, push hips toward the wall behind you – legs straight. 
  2. Bending the knees slightly, reach down to grab the handle – shoulders should stop just above hip level. 
  3. Keep your chin tucked and back straight as your heels push off the ground to return to standing position. 
  4. Arms remain straight while holding the kettlebell. 
  5. Swap weight for a bottle of wine, carton of milk or anything heavy you can grip.

Do 10 reps.  

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Single arm walking lunge

  1. Stand tall, holding a dumbbell in one hand. 
  2. With feet hip-width apart, take a big step forward and lower down until your front knee is bent at ninety-degrees and thigh is parallel to the floor. 
  3. Keep your chest up and core tight. 
  4. Push, off your back foot and bring it forward to take another big step forward with the opposite leg.
  5. If you don’t have a dumbbell, keep your hands at your hips.

Do 10 reps each side.

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Single arm push press

  1. Holding a dumbbell in one hand, bring it up to your shoulder so that your palm is facing away from you and elbow is bent. 
  2. With feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bend the knees. 
  3. From your legs, explode up with power while simultaneously pushing the dumbbell over your head. 
  4. The momentum from your legs will help you lock your arm above your head. 
  5. Slowly lower the dumbbell back to starting position. 
  6. No dumbbell? Hold onto a jug of water instead.

Do 10 reps each side. 

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