LuisaViaRoma has teamed with Yun Yun Sun, one of Taiwan’s most followed fashion mavens, to create a jewelry capsule collection, debuting on Oct. 21.

The collaboration will bring the sensibilities of the much-watched socialite — Sun has just under a million fans on Instagram — to a wider, global audience.

The collaboration consists of five pieces in total — three earring styles in a stud, drop and chandelier, and two necklaces — and is priced from $270 to $430.

Sun described her designs as “uplifting, glamorous and sparkly, and really what we need really now,” although they were not quite what she had envisioned at the start of the year when she began brainstorming.

The rhinestone-based designs and fringe detailing are by no means quiet but became more subdued after COVID-19.

“I was planning to have a collection with big statements with pearls and crystals and then we got this pandemic and everyone’s home and no parties,” she said.

Sun launched her jewelry line, which carries both fashion and fine items, in 2016, catering to a “free-spirited and travel-obsessed girl,” she said.

However, while travel is on pause, Sun said she had been turning to historical sources for inspiration.

“A lot of antique pieces, the prongs and details and material they use are very different from the jewelry we see right now, so I do read a lot of antique jewelry books and get a lot of inspiration from there.”

Around half of the brand’s sales go to Taiwan — where her family is known for its business dealings ranging from financial brokerages to the high-end mall Breeze Center — but Singapore, Mainland China, and Canada are key markets, too.

The brand entered the U.S. in September last year. Plans to accelerate in that market and Europe have been put on hold due to COVID-19, but Sun said, “I would love people to see my designs and love my stuff, and expand to the U.S. and Europe. I lived in L.A. before and I really love the fashion there. I lived there for 10 years.”

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