BIG SHOES TO FILL: Halloween might not be widely celebrated in France, but the Parisian shoe label Nodaleto is embracing the spirit of the holiday and all things spooky.

The brand, which is the brainchild of Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone, is releasing a new film for the occasion, directed by Fiona Godivier, whose work has previously been nominated for a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The short film, dubbed “Nodaleto Goes Big,” reimagines the label’s signature platform Mary Janes in giant form, stomping all over an apocalyptic town bathed in sinister red lights.

The inspiration for the short clip is a mix of Godzilla and Japanese “Kaiju” horror films, the overriding message being that “irreverent women terrify the world.”

A still from the “Nodaleto Goes Big” film. Courtesy of Nodaleto

Artistic campaigns and tongue-in-cheek video concepts, such as this one, have been at the heart of the label since its inception, with Toledano and Leone, who is an art director, always looking to put their signature platform shoes in different creative contexts.

Earlier this year the label unveiled “Nodflix,” a Netflix parody with a web series featuring “Nodalegirls” and influencers like Camille Charrière and Leaf Greener reenacting their own version of a “Mean Girls” scene.

For spring 2021 the label also partnered with Japanese artist Harumi Yamaguchi, creating a campaign mirroring the artist’s flair for dramatic, airbrushed images.

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