Merseyside: Traffic builds up after parking row

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Sandy Parker, from Chesterfield, had been filmed kicking a post put in place after a row between neighbours over a parking place got completely out of hand. She was also handed a year-long restraining order.

The case heard at Chesterfield Magistrates Court involved a dispute that began when Parker’s neighbour put in a retractable bollard due to the woman’s large campervan protruding into an adjacent parking space.

The fall-out then led to her neighbour installing cameras in the adjoining property.

Those cameras then caught Parker pulling at the post while trying to unlock it before kicking out at it in frustration.

Prosecutor Neill Fawcett said: “On two occasions she is seen to pull the post from side to side and in some way interfere with it – she seems to have had some sort of obsession with the post.”

Mr Fawcett told the court that initially things were cordial between the two neighbours when Parker moved into her house in November 2020.

He said: “They would say hello to one another and were relatively friendly.

“But Mrs Parker has a large campervan and it became apparent that it was abutting into the parking space outside (the complainant’s) house.”

In January last year Parker’s neighbour sent a letter informing her of intentions to install the post, at which point things went downhill.

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The neighbour asked Police Community Support Officers to arrange a meeting with Parker, which she declined.

Then in another incident captured on camera, Parker put a large piece of plasterboard over the neighbour’s kitchen window to obstruct the view of the CCTV camera.

Parker claimed she needed to do this to avoid being filmed while she changed the battery on her campervan.

The row led to the neighbour stating she had suffered lack of sleep, weight loss and “constant worry.”

Solicitor John Wilford, defending Parker, said: “At the end of the day, we’re talking about a parking post.

“There’s been no verbal case between the two, no arguments, no threatening messages – nothing of that nature.

“There are no designated parking spots as is alleged – but as time has gone on because the number of cars people have has grown there have been a number of disputes about whether someone should be parking outside someone else’s house.”

He added that Parker’s neighbour had complained about her walking in front of her home on a ‘public right of way’.

District Judge Andrew Davison told the court: “It’s really pathetic to have a case like this before a criminal court.”

He told Parker: “You are 64 years old and there were other ways of dealing with this.

“A starting point is to think about your neighbour and whether it’s appropriate to have such a large vehicle there.”

Parker was handed a 12-month restraining order and was instructed to pay £150 for the damaged post, £300 court costs and a £250 fine.

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