The vehicle financing company Moneybarn has ranked the car brands used by the safest drivers on the roads, according to the public.

Over 4,000 motorists took part in the study, being asked about the opinion of drivers of certain cars to create an overall drivers score out of ten.

According to the company, Volvo owners are the best drivers in the UK, with motorists who own a vehicle from the popular Swedish brand receiving a score of 8.15.

Whilst Volvo drivers were once joked for being slow and clumsy, the report found that 7.7 percent of the public said they were the most patient drivers, whilst only 1.7 percent called them rude.

Volkswagen owners did similarly well, scoring 7.6 out of 10, stating that they are often considerate to other road users.

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Best drivers in the UK (Score out of 10):

  1. Volvo – 8.15
  2. Volkswagen – 7.6
  3. Ford – 7.59
  4. Mini – 5.74
  5. Mercedes Benz – 5.37
  6. Audi – 5.37
  7. Tesla – 4.82
  8. BMW – 2.59
  9. Land Rover – 2.22
  10. Vans – 0.56

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However, not all car brands are known for being owned by considerate drivers, with models produced by BMW and Land Rover scoring low on the list.

According to the study, 23.6 percent of motorists stated that BMW owners are the rudest drivers on the road, whilst other participants claimed Land Rover drivers are the least patient.

However, the vast majority of drivers believe that van owners are the worst motorists on the road, receiving a pitiful score of 0.56 out of 10.

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A spokesperson for Moneybarn explained that the stigma that a lot of driver’s views come from the popular ‘white van man’ stigma.

They said: “Almost 19 percent of survey respondents said that those in vans are the worst drivers. Van drivers were also voted as the least considerate were dubbed amongst the rudest on the road.

“White van drivers have built up quite a reputation, with many tradespeople being branded with the ‘White Van Man’ name over the years.”

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