Fitting them on the car was a simple 20-minute DIY job. The best part is that everything is just plug-and-play with no wire cutting.

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Fog lamps upgrade

After sitting on the fence for a year and reading up on all options, decided to upgrade fog lamps for better visibility. Valeo fog lamp housing was the default choice and I had zeroed in on the Blaupunkt 9X Pro, but feedback from Leoshashi ensured that I picked the newly launched Osram 50W 4200K LEDs.

Valeo costed 1.4K INR and Osrams were on a deal for 5.1K INR.

  • Valeo link
  • Osram link

Fitting the same was a simple 20 min DIY and the best part is that everything is plug and play, no wire cutting.

Some pics that clearly highlight the difference.

OEM vs Valeo + Osram

Let there be light

Now it’s time to stretch my legs and test the fog lamps out in fog/rain.

Here is a video of the fog lamps in action.

There is a significant improvement in visibility with the fog lamps. In the video, the first 6 seconds are just the low beam, and after that, it’s low beam + Osram fogs.

Definitely recommend the Osram 50W at Rs 5.1K price point.

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