The chic-looking, powerful Chimera electric BMX bike was created in Los Angeles and is not your typical city two-wheeler. In fact, it strives to be anything but that by bringing a completely original and unique design to the table. The e-bike makes use of a “high-drive” mechanism, which Chimera touts as being completely innovative.

According to Chimera, its BMX-style electric bike is the most powerful e-bike in the world, pound for pound. The firm claims that this little urban beast has an “entirely new kind of high-drive motorization technology.” Its incredibly lightweight titanium frame further adds points to its already impressive power to weight ratio, too.

The bike features a brand-new motorization technology, as Chimera described. It’s a high-drive unit, which was created and patented solely by Chimera, rather than a hub-drive or a mid-drive e-bike, as we often find on both premium and budget-focused e-bikes. The hand-wound motor weighs only 1.4 kilograms, provides up to 5,000W of peak power output, and is completely weatherproof. The electric motor is said to propel the electric BMX bike to a top speed of 35 miles per hour. The brand claims that nothing like it is currently available on the market, because it was entirely developed in-house.

Very little is currently known about the new technology developed by Chimera. We’ll learn more about the Chimera BMX’s inner workings, battery technology, and range once it debuts on Indiegogo in August, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. However, according to Chimera, the e-bike will feel like a regular BMX while you ride without any electric assistance, but as soon as you twist the throttle, it transforms into what the company claims to be the fastest, most powerful e-bike in the world.

Source: AutoEvolution

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