The Supercharger station in Surrey, British Columbia was upgraded in 2020 when its number of charging stalls was raised form 12 to 20 in order to reduce queues and times for local Tesla drivers. It is one of the largest and busiest Supercharger locations in the area, but now it looks like it will be functioning at reduced capacity after it recently experienced a cable-cutting incident, so the queues may be back.

Not much is known at the moment, other than the obvious fact that three of the charging stalls are missing their cables, which appear to have been cleanly cut, likely with a specialized cable cutter tool. Drive Tesla Canada posted a photo it obtained from one of the local Tesla owners who uses the Surrey Guilford Supercharger and it doesn’t show any additional vandalized stalls.

It’s worth noting that all the chargers at this particular location were 75 kW Urban Superchargers – there were no faster V3 Superchargers installed. And it looks like the actual chargers were not vandalized, so it should just be case of replacing the severed cables.

And considering the fact that this was quite a large Supercharger location with many stalls, maybe there were vehicles charging there at the time. Their Sentry Mode security system, which relies on exterior cameras to monitor what’s going on around the vehicle, may have recorded something that could lead authorities to the perpetrators.

Sometimes people steal Supercharger stall cables for the materials they contain, especially copper that ends up being sold for scrap. It may have been the case in this instance, given the fact that most of the cable is missing, suggesting they may have been looking to get as large a quantity of copper out of them as possible.

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