The paint match was good, but the prep work and overall application weren’t to my satisfaction.

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So just a bit after three years of a spotless car, bad luck decided to show up in the form of two reckless youths on a scooter in a junction. This is just a road away from our house and was heading out to a family lunch. This junction is known for incidents and I am generally very slow and also on this day. Here is the dashcam video of the incident.

Nothing is visible in the video because the scooter riders were totally out of sight to my left until I cleared the junction even though I could see pretty well on both sides. However, the scooter rider was too fast and as I almost cleared the junction and accelerated, they came and banged hard into the car. It was really hard and the scooter hit the side footrest and lifted its rear, sending the two riders crashing into the rear quarter panel. The scooter disintegrated into pieces with a broken front fork, the entire seat assembly cracked and the only thing that was left was the rear panel and rear side panels of the scooter.

The initial scene was bad. The rider did not have a helmet, no license, and the scooter had worn-out tyres and whatnot. Still, after the impact the pillion escaped with some bruises and the rider was lying flat on the road which made me worry about possible head injury. After a few minutes, I realised that the rider was doing a drama of sorts. They knew it was their fault and the moment I told him I will call the police and ambulance, he got up and sat as though nothing had happened. Looking at his condition I was not in the mood to extort money even though I could have done it instead, made him sign a letter with full details of admission of fault, no license, and no helmet which he was reluctant to sign but I told him I am not going to let him file a case later against me for hit and run. He verbally assured me he wouldn’t do so but I insisted on some sort of proof. Anyway, if he really wanted to go to the police I can still handle it but the letter is just a deterrent. The vehicle had already 8500 rupees of pending challans and that’s enough to get the vehicle permanently in police custody.

The Crysta had a damaged footstep, a scratched door and a badly dented quarter panel. The PPF took 95% of the brunt and the only paint loss was in the wheel arch which had a bad pinch but due to the dents on the quarter panel, repaint was necessary. Sent it to a known garage and got it fixed. They did a good job with the paint match given it’s a tricky colour and the results are good. However, the prep work isn’t 100% as per my expectation and there is a slight unevenness in a few areas. Have requested my trusted detailer expert friend to take care shortly. After that PPF reapplication will follow.

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