Rad Power Bikes pretty much set the standard for the practical, urban e-bike that can be ridden for both leisure and work. The RadRunner, first introduced in 2019, was the foundation for a lot of future iterations such as the RadRunner 2, and now, the RadRunner 3 Plus, which serves as the flagship model of Rad Power’s cargo bike range. 

Just like the other RadRunner models, the RadRunner 3 Plus is built on the same foundation, and carries over similar performance specs. For starters, it’s powered by a 750-watt hub motor that can provide a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The motor is activated via pedal assist or a thumb throttle. Rad Power offers five power modes which alter power delivery on both assist and throttle modes. Specific to the RadRunner 3 Plus, the motor has the same power output, but has been revised to offer improved climbing capability, making it a more capable all-rounder. 

As for the battery, the bike gets a 48V, 14-ampere-hour battery pack with the same 672 watt-hours of capacity as before. What changes is the way the battery is housed in the frame. With the RadRunner 3 Plus, the battery is semi-integrated into the frame, giving it a much sleeker and streamlined look. The battery is good for 25 miles on throttle, or 45 miles on pedal assist, although there are a lot of other factors that can affect range. Rad Power is working on an optional second battery that can be stored under the seat. The auxiliary battery should be able to extend range to 100 miles. That said, the accessory is still under development.

Of course, a cargo bike wouldn’t be a cargo bike if it can’t be configured to carry all sorts of stuff. Rad Power has you covered with a wide selection of accessories such as a centrally mounted compartment, a passenger seat at the back, side panniers, and even the RadTrailer for hauling larger cargo behind the bike. In total, the bike is capable of supporting up to 160 kilograms. To bring the bike to a stop, the RadRunner 3 Plus gets Tektro hydraulic brakes as standard. 

As of this writing, the Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus is now open for order via the company’s official website linked below. In the U.S., the bike is priced at $2,499. Meanwhile, over in Canada, folks can get their hands on it for $2,999 CAD. In the U.K., it retails for £2,199, and in the EU, for €2,499.

Sources: Rad Power Bikes, Electrek

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