Porsche has been talking about the 911’s inevitable electrification for years but the hybrid sports car is still not out yet. In fact, Zuffenhausen’s venerable performance machine will not get an electric motor before the end of this year, or in 2024 for that matter. The first versions with a facelift – known by enthusiasts as the 992.2 – are expected to arrive at some point next year. All of these initial models will rely solely on a combustion engine.

Motor Trend sat down and had a chat with Frank Moser, Vice President Model Lines 911 and 718, about what the future has in tow for the former, which is turning 60 this year. He announced Porsche is working on the 992.2 for which it’s developing a “hybrid, a performance hybrid.” He went on to say it’ll be released “about in the middle of the decade.”

Porsche 911 GTS Facelift Spy Photos

Not entirely satisfied with the vague timeline, MT asked him when the first hybrid would be launched: “Maybe two years.” It indirectly means none of the initial 992.2 versions will be hybrids, which suggests the electrified model(s) will be based on a high-performing member of the vast 911 lineup. Regardless of which shape it’ll take, Michael Steiner, Porsche board member for development told MT the hybrid sports car “should not get too heavy.”

Seen in the adjacent spy shots is a prototype of the 992.2 but with a couple of twists. For starters, there’s a yellow round sticker in the top-left corner of the rear glass denoting its electrified nature, further implied by the decision to go with the “EV” letters on the license plate. Reports state it’ll be a hybrid you won’t plug in, which makes sense since PHEVs have bigger batteries that add weight and complexity, thus creating packaging issues.

Back in March, Autocar reported the GT2 RS (of which a test mule is possibly pictured below) will adopt a hybrid setup to create the quickest and most powerful 911 ever. It’s supposedly going to be based on the Turbo S with a flat-six 3.8-liter engine and a mild-hybrid setup adapted from the 963 LMDh endurance racer. Rumor has it the combined output will exceed 700 hp while torque will receive a significant increase over the already immense 590 pound-feet (800 Newton-meters) of the Turbo S.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS test mule spy photos

Since we mentioned the weight penalty earlier, Autocar has it on good authority it won’t exceed 220 pounds. As a refresher, the Turbo S in coupe flavor tips the scales at 3,636 pounds.

Porsche has said on numerous occasions that a purely electric won’t happen this decade, so a 911 EV is not coming during the 992 generation. The 911 is going to be the brand’s last car to offer a combustion engine, which hopefully might get a new lease on life thanks to Porsche’s investments in synthetic fuels.

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