Police have begun clamping down on illegal vehicle number plates, nabbing offenders through roadblocks, patrols and monitoring in a special operation that will run throughout the month of November.

In a statement, the traffic enforcement and investigation department said that in the first 15 days of the operation, 40,139 summonses were issued to motorists, of which 4,617 were for vehicles with fancy plates and 8,645 were for licence plates not conforming to specifications. Another 1,145 summonses were issued to individuals for vehicles without a licence plate.

Of the 14,407 number plate offences, motorcycles accounted for 49.9% (7,193 summonses), while cars made up 42.3% of the total (6,089 summonses). The remaining 25,732 summonses were for other traffic offences.

As everyone should be aware of by now, it remains an offence to put number plates that do not conform to specifications on vehicles. These include illegal stylised fonts and surfaces (such as carbon print) and fancy plates, with merged or modified letters/numbers to read a phrase, name or other meaning.

Motorists are advised to comply with rules outlined in specifications set under the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987 when installing vehicle registration numbers on their vehicles. Nothing fancy about it if you get caught.

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