Rip Off Britain: Lawyer Gary Rycroft gives tips on parking tickets

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The vehicle was parked at the junction of Bridge Street and Baneswell Road in the centre of Newport. The one-way road runs up to a pedestrianised street, with double yellow lines restricting people from parking there.

One eagle-eyed local who was walking home from a pub spotted a fixed penalty notice on the windscreen of the police car and took a picture, WalesOnline reported.

The notice read: “Reduction of 50 percent if paid within 14 calendar days.

“It is an offence for an unauthorised person to remove or interfere with this notice.”

It continued: “To remove your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), tear carefully along the perforation at foot.

“Payment instructions can be found on the reverse of PCN. To re-use this envelope insert your payment and close by removing the tape provided, please also removed the perforated stub at the opposite edge before posting.”

The penalty notice was issued by Newport City Council, who have been asked to comment by

Technically, police cars can be issued with a parking ticket the same way as any other vehicle, if they are adjudged to have been illegally parked.

In 2019, police in Plymouth expressed frustration because they had to appeal in writing against a parking charge notice that was issued by a company, despite the fact that they were attending an emergency.

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Also, in 2018, a traffic warden was filmed slapping a parking ticket on a police car as an officer helped a vulnerable man.

The news comes after an elderly driver received a £50 parking fine after making a small typographical error when entering her registration number into a ticket machine.

Jill Allen, 73, said she had “no intention” of paying a penalty notice that was issued to her for making a slight typographical error.

Ms Allen added she was told by a parking attendant that the penalty notice was given to her as she put the number ‘0’ for part of her car’s registration plate instead of the letter ‘O’.

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The fine was given to Ms Allen, from Lincoln, on Thursday, August 18 at Bridge Street Car Park in Gainsborough after she had been charity shopping with a friend.

She said she purchased a £1.60 three-hour-parking ticket at 12.11pm, and returned to the car at 2.45pm.

She is now facing a £25 fine, which will turn to £50 if the issue is not resolved.

Ms Allen told LincolnshireLive: “We went off and came back 20 minutes before the ticket had expired and was astonished to see a yellow thing on the windscreen.

“We couldn’t work out why because we were well within time. The attendant reappeared and said you’ve put a 0 instead of a letter O.

“I just expressed disbelief and said don’t you think it’s ridiculous and he said he’s just obeying the rules. I said that’s fine but I won’t be paying it.”

She added: “In a way, it’s hilarious and absolutely ludicrous, I have no intention of paying it.

“I don’t know what penalty they can put on me but if I get a criminal record it doesn’t matter to me these days.”

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