Valtteri Bottas’s race weekend hasn’t got off to the best start as a plane issue has delayed his journey from Finland to Baku.

Lucky wasn’t on the Mercedes man’s side last time out in Monaco as, running comfortably in P2 after a strong start to the weekend, his team were able to remove one of his wheels during a pit-stop, forcing him to retire.

He’d have been hoping that his fortunes would improve for the next round in Baku, but so far that hasn’t been the case, with an issue with a plane delaying his arrival at the circuit.

“I’m still in Finland. I should have been in Baku by now,” he told reporters in Baku over Zoom.

Nevertheless, he’s not too worried about the time lost and is confident he’ll be there sooner rather than later.

“We are well prepared as a team. Hopefully, I’ll be there in the evening.”

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After the pit-stop issue in Monte Carlo, Toto Wolff placed some of the blame on Bottas himself, saying that the Finn stopped too early in the pit-box.

Having looked at reports and replays though, the driver disagrees with this assessment, feeling that there was nothing wrong with his positioning.

“I wanted to see all of the reports where I stopped,” he said.

“And I think I was like two or three centimetres off the centre line and if you get that accuracy normally, it is pretty good.

“You can easily swing by 10 to 15 centimetres so I thought it was pretty spot on.”

Regardless, he doesn’t want to play the blame game, although he does admit that he had some concerns about the pit-crew prior to the last race.

“Definitely not blaming any people but just analysing things honestly and admitting weaknesses, which was the pit stop,” he added.

“As a matter of fact, it was one of my concerns already a few weeks ago that I raised to the team so it didn’t come from out of the blue. We know we are not perfect at pit stops as a team.

“Also in other areas, like tyre warm-up in qualifying, I knew going to Monaco it was going to be an issue and was one of the things I highlighted much before the weekend.

“We analysed everything in detail, we know we probably could have done a better job as a team and with the pit stop, of course, it was a very honest and normal debrief from my side.”

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