Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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Diesel pump prices have started to rise again after two months of falls, according to the latest fuel price data from the AA. On Wednesday, the average price of diesel rose for the second day, with drivers seeing more than half a penny added since Monday.

Yesterday, it averaged 183.71p a litre, having reached its lowest point on Monday at 183.19p a litre. 

On 1 July, diesel had set a record of 199.07p a litre but had been falling since.

Average petrol pump prices continue to drop albeit at a much slower rate than earlier in the summer, with prices hitting 169.8p yesterday.

Many small independents are still charging less than 160p a litre and wholesale petrol prices remain around 30p a litre lower than the peak in June.

Because of this, the AA argues the UK average should be much closer to the 160p mark, if not below once the less VAT in the cost of a litre is factored in.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s spokesperson on pump prices, said the rise in diesel costs was “ominous” and casts a shadow over transport costs.

He also highlighted the impact it would have on businesses delivering services, particularly in rural areas.

Mr Bosdet added: “There has been a sharp downturn in diesel costs this week but the general trend is upwards from the low point in early August.

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“Such is the damage caused by ‘feathered’ prices on forecourts.”

To deal with the inconsistent fuel prices, many drivers have been looking towards techniques that could reduce their fuel consumption.

One unique tip could help drivers save fuel and also remind them to be safer drivers when out and about.

A spokesperson for Vanarama suggested that drivers should make use of the unconventional tactic to help save on petrol and diesel costs.

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They added: “Drive as if you have a bowl of water on the passenger seat. Anticipation is the name of the game.

“Every time you apply the brakes, energy that you’ve paid for in fuel is being lost in heat generated by the brake pads and discs. 

“Don’t rev the engine unnecessarily when accelerating, just move gently through the gears, keeping the engine speed to a reasonable level, but without labouring it by being in too high a gear.”

Drivers shouldn’t rev the engine unnecessarily when accelerating and instead should move gently through the gears.

This will keep the engine speed to a reasonable level, without labouring it by being in too high a gear.

If drivers were to imagine a bowl of water spilling in their car, they would quickly adapt to driving in a calmer style.

It would also ensure drivers are braking less erratically and help to save fuel with smoother driving.

Vanarama also urges drivers to consider several factors to keep them on the road for longer without needing to stop at a filling station.

This includes removing any excess weight, including bike, ladder or roof racks, especially if they are not in constant use.

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