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When it comes to keeping your car clean, heading for the drive-through car wash can be a much more tempting idea than doing it yourself. However, according to cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie, there is one essential car upkeep task you should address “first” to keep hidden germs and bacteria at bay.

Often referred to as ‘TV’s Queen of Clean’, Lynsey has amassed an impressive 287k followers on her Instagram alone thanks to her handy advice on tackling household chores.

However, she isn’t just an expert on cleaning around the home.

Currently working in partnership with Jelly Belly Car Air Fresheners, Lynsey has shared some simple ways to deep clean your vehicle.

She told Express.co.uk: “Always clean the inside of the car first.

“Take everything that you can out and then give it a really good vacuum, use the crevice tools to get into those awkward places.”

Fabric seats and footwells are among some of the dirtiest spots inside of your car, so they deserve a good deal of focus.

Lynsey explained: “Get down in the drivers’ seat and clean the peddles as this is where our shoes sit that are covered in bacteria and bag the mats before.

“For any small nooks and crannies use a recycled make-up brush or small paint brush to brush away the dust.”

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Even if your seats aren’t stained, they should be cleaned whenever you clean the interior of your car.

Lynsey explained: “If you have a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner then use these on fabric seats and on the car carpet to bring it back to life.

“Regularly vacuum the inside and deal with stains as soon as possible to keep smells at bay.

“Ensure you pre-treat any stains beforehand using an auto-care friendly stain treatment or mixing together washing up liquid with white vinegar to make your own.

“If you have pets or young children use car seats or throws that you can take out and clean on a regular basis.

“Jelly Belly have a handy spray car air freshener that I always keep in the car to give it a regular spritz with.”

Door handles and seals can often be forgotten in the cleaning process, but these can be some of the dirtiest areas according to the Queen of Clean.

As well as cleaning your car doors on the outside, Lynsey advises giving the interiors a quick wipe down to remove dirt and bacteria build-up.

She said: “Use a solution of warm soapy water for the car doors and dashboard and shine up using a dashboard-specific product or window cleaner.”

Keeping clutter at bay and reducing rubbish build-up can help to lengthen the time between cleans, especially for families.

Lynsey said: “My best advice is to remove any rubbish and belongings such as coats and kids toys as soon as you return home, otherwise you will find that those items will just stay there, and mess attracts mess.”

Cleaning expert, Lynsey Crombie, has teamed up with Jelly Belly Car Air Fresheners to help parents dealing with car chaos keep their cars smelling fresh.

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