Thousands of diesel cars might need repairs under proposed law

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Rebated diesel, which is commonly referred to as red diesel, was heavily restricted last month as the Government looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The fuel makes up around 15 percent of overall UK diesel use and many are angry at the decision.

Red diesel is the same as standard diesel, or white diesel, but is dyed red to make it more identifiable because it is taxed at a much lower rate.

For those who will no longer be able to use rebated fuel, they will need to use diesel or biofuel which the full rate of fuel duty has been paid for.

Operating costs are expected to rise by around 15 percent, with companies facing additional fuel expenses of between £100,000 to £400,000 per year, according to Research Management Association Scotland.

Some businesses may see prices increase by more than £170,000 one just one machine.

And readers showed their displeasure at the changes, with many accusing the Government of increasing taxation for profit.

Commenter ‘InCognito’ wrote of the decision: “The Treasurys changes to the pricing of red diesel amount to nothing other than a tax grab.

Whether red diesel or normal diesel consumers will STILL use/purchase the same amount so the Government cannot say it’s anything to do with their “green” policies.

The only difference is that consumers will have to pay more which is purely a revenue increasing con. Talk about clutching at straws!”

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There have been fears that due to the sky-high cost of conventional diesel fuel, some drivers will be tempted to turn to red diesel.

But one commenter warned against it, with ‘E150s’ writing: “Red diesel cannot be used legally by motorists, and HMRC can issue an unlimited fine as well as impound the vehicle.

“The penalty is usually a figure worked out assuming you have run it on red from new and the fine can be in addition to any duty owing(difference in price between red and white diesel) so if you have a car with 45,000 on the clock you can get a hefty bill.”

‘Andreivas’ agreed, adding: “It is illegal for motorists to use red diesel in any vehicle on a public road. Red diesel is for industrial and agricultural use only.”

‘Norfolkbump’ wrote of the decision: “And again, as usual, those who will bear the cost of this change are those at the bottom of the food chain – the consumers.

“The costs are always passed down the line to the bottom.”

‘Itsthemnotme’ said: “If motorists are using this red diesel in their cars, it is their own fault. Modern car engines will be damaged if they use red diesel.”

But ‘brexitatlast’ replied:” What a load of tripe! It just has a chemical additive added to it to distinguish between road use and non-road use. My last company used to add the same type of dye (but blue) to prevent theft! It does not and never has ruined anyone’s engines!”

‘Incognito’ continued: “Red diesel is no more polluting than ordinary diesel.

“Its just that dye is added. This new Government initiative will not decrease pollution one iota, it’ll just rake in more tax revenue for the Treasury.

“THAT is the ONLY reason for the change.”

But ‘Backfire’ said: “British Industry and farming pay, encouraging more importation from abroad, so the consumer and economy pay and the polluter doesn’t.”

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