Last week, we learned how General Motors is happy to service Tesla’s growing fleet of all-electric vehicles, giving GM a chance to sell Tesla owners on its own cars while they wait in its service bays. During the same investor call that came up in, GM President Mark Reuss also updated us about the future of some of that new Tesla-conquest model lineup, suggesting that the Chinese Buick Envista SUV will come to the U.S. soon as the Buick Electra E5 all-electric SUV.

To be clear, Reuss’ exact words were: “It’s already in production in China, paying forward the Buick design off the Wildcat. A beautiful vehicle, getting ready for the U.S. here as well,” which heavily implies the vehicle is destined for the U.S. market, though he never explicitly said so. The exec also didn’t offer a timeline for when to expect it to go on sale.

The Chinese model premiered this summer as the Envista, wearing Buick’s new design language based on the Wildcat EV coupe sports car concept, with slim DRLs above split headlight units on either side of a large graphic grille, with a heavily sloped coupe-like roofline. It’s also one of the first global models to wear the all-new tri-shield Buick badging.

It’s unclear how the SUV will be marketed in the U.S.; Buick has previously confirmed that its future U.S. EVs will all be part of a family of vehicles under the “Electra” name, so would that make this the Electra Envista? A leak reported by GM Authority suggests it will be dubbed the Buick Electra E5.

In China, the Envista makes 181 horsepower from a 1.5-liter turbocharged I-4 Ecotec gas engine mated to a CVT, riding on the same new platform as the 2024 Chevrolet Trax. The previous leaked documents suggests the U.S. will get an EV version. GM Authority additionally previously reported that insiders suggest the Envista could come to the U.S. as a replacement to the current (slightly smaller) Encore, and that plans for an additional three-row Envision SUV are being reconsidered or possibly delayed.

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