The road transport department (JPJ) has announced that those with a long expired driving license face the possibility of having it revoked if a renewal is not carried out by June 30.

The department said that the revocation applies to those who have a competent driving license (CDL) or public service vehicle (PSV) and goods driving license (GDL) that has expired for a period of more than three years. Drivers can also be fined for not possessing a driving license if they are stopped by authorities, as The Sun reports.

Those who have not renewed their learner’s driving license (LDL) for more than a year or a probationary driving licence (PDL) for more than two years also face having their licences revoked. The department added that those who have their licence revoked will be required to undergo the full process of obtaining a driving license again.

Early last year, given the movement restrictions in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, the transport ministry announced a moratorium that allowed the renewal of driving licenses to be delayed, first until September 30, but then later extended to December 31, enabling motorists to drive with expired licenses.

However, following checks in its records and on carrying out operations across the country early this year, JPJ said it found that hundreds of thousands of driving license holders had not renewed their licenses by the December 31 deadline.

The department said at present, those caught driving with an expired license would be fined for that. However, after June 30, they will be issued with a summons for driving without a license, and face having it revoked should the duration of the lapse exceed the stipulated time frame listed by the department.

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