Or it might be a concept. Or a virtual thing. Or a warm-up for the new Ioniq 6N. Or boxes. We find out next week

By Cam Tait / Tuesday, 5 July 2022 / Loading comments

Well, this is interesting. Hyundai has shared a mysterious image of what looks to be a supercar – or possibly the Batmobile – under covers across its social media channels. As the video below suggests, it’s a teaser for the company’s upcoming “N day”, where it likes to celebrate all things relating to its performance brand, whip up some community-based excitement for anything cool in the product pipeline. 

As far as the teaser shot is concerned, it could well be that Hyundai is on the cusp of revealing something very sporty indeed. Or it’s spent an entire afternoon cleverly arranging some boxes around an i20 N. The tagline – “envisioning the future of N with legacy” – suggests that it’s a radical new concept. 

Obviously we won’t too much space guessing what is beneath the covers (although feel free to indulge your wilder speculations below), but it certainly doesn’t look like it’ll be a pumped-up version of anything Hyundai currently offers. The car carries a sleek silhouette with a wildly long front en and a massive rear wing. Is it just us, or does it resemble a Ferrari F40 with a slightly higher nose?

Either way, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this isn’t merely another fantasy car destined for a virtual existence in Gran Turismo. There is also a slight discrepancy between the social media pic and the video to bear in mind, which includes some blurred-out footage and a tagline which does without the legacy bit – but adds in lightning bolts and battery whine.

Consequently, there’s always the possibility we might see two cars unveiled on N day – especially with an N version of the new Ioniq 6 said to already be on the books. Whatever happens, there is good reason to get excited based on the Hyundai’s recent track record. The new i20 N is a serious alternative to the all-conquering Ford Fiesta ST, while the revised i30 N proves that you can make a decent hot hatch with a flappy paddle DCT. We’ve yet to see what a proper EV performance car can offer over one with pistons at a more affordable level, but if anyone can do it, it’s a burgeoning N division. 

We’ll find out what Hyundai has tucked up its sleeve when the festivities begin next Friday. The unveiling will take place at 2am, but rest assured we’ll have all the details right here if you don’t fancy getting up in the middle of the night…

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