I would’ve gladly paid the amount to the Government if it provided the services that the agents did.

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Hi all,

A few months ago, we had an MH12 registered car that MH12 RTO refused to issue HSRP’s/BH series number for saying that they issue these for new vehicles only (ours was 2015 registered). And after shifting to Chandigarh, the absence of HSRP, that too on an outstation car, brings a constant threat of being pulled over by the cops. We looked around for a vendor online for HSRP but could find only bookmyHSRP.com, and they were not taking orders for MH registered cars at that time. So we decided to shift the registration to native HP where HSRP availability isn’t an issue.

Employed an agency, they did all the running around and got us the NOC from MH12 RTO in 3 odd weeks. Interestingly, we’d been told at multiple pollution testing centers that we can’t get a non-polluting vehicle certificate from any other state as my vehicle’s details were not available on the online database; and the car has to be taken to MH for this purpose but the agency was able to get it without any issues without the car visiting MH.

We were also told (prior to hiring the agency) that we would need to visit the RTO physically for signatures. Even that was done away with once the agents got involved! Of course at a price but shows the power of RTO/agent nexus. I’m happy though that I could get the work done & would’ve gladly paid the government also if they provided the services the agents did.

Documents asked for NOC & hypothecation removal:

  • Original RC
  • Insurance copy
  • Non-polluting vehicle certificate (agent arranged)
  • NOC from Police commissioner Pune (agent arranged)
  • NCRB report (freely available from NCRB site)
  • Form 35 (original)
  • NOC from the financier (original, ours was hypothecated to wife’s company)
  • Owner’s Aadhar, photo
  • Form 28 – 4 copies
  • Chassis number pencil trace on form 28 & 5 small paper slips as well
  • RTO name where the new registration would be sought
  • Address proof at the new RTO location

We also had to update the mobile number on the Vahan site first (can be done by oneself with a bit of patience as the site keeps crashing during working hours), an essential prerequisite for NOC as they send verification OTPs on it.

MH12 RTO made a big fuss about the printouts of form 35 which we had taken on standard A4 papers and gotten signed from the company office, claiming that the form was not “original” and was a color photocopy since the original form’s paper is of a different quality!

They didn’t provide any receipt of the original RC being deposited with them; had the RC in Digi locker so didn’t press either.

We’ve got an HP registration now, for HSRP one has to apply separately on their own. Looked around again and this time found another site by the name bookhsrponline.com that was accepting orders for MH registered cars as well!! All this running around could’ve been avoided if this option was available a few months back!

Getting the new number reflected in the insurance was a straightforward affair, just sent a few emails to the company with the RC copies and they issued an updated one promptly.

The plates arrived in 10 odd days; are of fairly good quality and have the color-coded windshield stickers as well, but the code below the IND mark is more like, printed than etched into the plates. Hope that won’t be an issue. Can anybody confirm if that’s the norm nowadays?

For claiming a refund of road tax from MH12 RTO, the following documents were asked for:

  • Copy of new RC
  • Copy of old RC
  • Copy of NOC issued by the MH12 RTO
  • Copy of One-time tax paid receipt at the time of registration with MH12 RTO: this was an issue as no separate receipt was given to us, only a small note was printed (on the large paper type RC itself in vogue at that time) mentioning receipt no and the tax amount paid. They’ve accepted the documents after a bit of back & forth though for now, let’s see.
  • Copy of One-time tax paid receipt at the new RTO
  • Form DT
  • Copy of original vehicle tax invoice

They’ve said that a cheque would be issued in the name of the original owner in a few weeks, fingers crossed!

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