George Russell has joined the growing number of drivers who have been vocal about their dislike of the Miami Grand Prix surface.

The Mercedes driver may have crossed the line in P5, but there seems there was little about the Miami Grand Prix that George Russell actually liked.

His main complaint was to do with the surface and he is not the only one to have that opinion. Before the race, drivers were concerned that the poor condition of the newly laid surface would make drivers less likely to overtake for fear of the risk they would be taking.

Sergio Perez went as far as to label it “a joke” according to Autosport and Fernando Alonso said the surface was not to F1 standards.

Russell himself managed a notable overtake past his own team-mate Lewis Hamilton, admittedly on fresher tyres, but said he felt like there were marbles beneath him.

“I didn’t like that very tight, slow-speed section,” Russell told Sky Sports F1 in his assessment of the first race at the Miami International Autodrome. “I didn’t like the tarmac and the fact it was breaking up and creating marbles.

“What did I like? I liked it was in Miami and I liked the weather.”

Solid team result after yesterday's struggles. There's genuine pace in this car, we just need to find the key to unlock that performance. 👊

— George Russell (@GeorgeRussell63) May 9, 2022

An organiser for the track has conceded that they would be open to making changes in order to make the track the best it can be and Russell is on board with that idea.

“If it wasn’t for that really slow-speed chicane and they just made it one big long corner, I think it would be a really great track,” he replied when asked if changes should be made.


“The [slow chicane] spoils it to be honest and then you have the additional problem of the tarmac.

“If feels like when the track is wet and there is one dry line and you go onto slicks, you then can’t move off the racing line…I think we saw that with Valtteri [Bottas]. He puts a wheel off and he fully slides off the track.

“It has got potential to be great…but it is just brutal off the racing line. The surface here is a massive step worse than anywhere else, which is strange because new surfaces usually offer really great racing for the drivers.”

With his fifth place finish, Russell finds himself fourth in the Drivers’ Standings ahead of Carlos Sainz and behind Sergio Perez.

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