Furious woman hurls rubbish into street in parking row

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The woman and her boyfriend moved into a block that provided allocated parking spaces at an “extra fee”. Unfortunately for them, one of their neighbours chose to repeatedly park in the spot that they had paid for.

The situation quickly turned into a full-blown parking row. The woman took to Reddit to outline the incident and ask for advice.

She wrote: “My boyfriend and I have been living in the same apartment complex for almost a year now.

“We have covered parking stalls that each tenant has an option to park under for an extra fee that it is included in their rent.

“Parking is pretty much impossible unless you have one of these spots. Otherwise, you pretty much end up parking outside of the complex as there is very limited free parking within the complex.

“A few months ago, a car was parked in our stall.”

She continued: “We did not recognize the car and our leasing office was not open to help with the situation. Ultimately we decided to have the car towed.

“The next day the apartment called us and stated the car did not belong to any residents, but we continued to see the car after that – just parked in a space two down from us.

“We eventually find out that it does belong to a resident as we saw the man come out from an apartment near us one day and go to the car.”

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She added: “In the following months, he proceeds to park in our spot two more times.

“We didn’t tow him these times as he would leave before we could contact someone.

“Yesterday was the fourth time and luckily the office was open and managed to contact him to come move his car.

“I end up in a free space near our apartments and see the man come out.”

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The situation soon deteriorated, with the woman saying: “He apologises to me, but claims that it has only been twice now and that it was uncalled for to tow him the first time.

“I was already drained from work and irritated so I snap at him and say that this is the fourth time and to just stop parking in my spot because I pay for it.

“He proceeds to get irritated and point out how if it was him he would have left a note on the car instead of towing it.

“He claims that he works night shifts at times and gets confused sometimes so that’s how he ends up in my spot.

“I told him that I didn’t care and if he can’t tell where he’s parking, he shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

“He called me a b***h under his breath when he passed and I just rolled my eyes and went inside my apartment. I watched from my balcony to make sure he didn’t try anything with my car and he didn’t.”

She ended her post by adding: “I told my friend what happened.

“They said I was harsh to snap at him when he was trying to apologise and it was an honest mistake.

“They said night shifts are hard on some people and it has only happened a couple of times.

“Now I’m second guessing myself if I was right to confront him. Am I the a**hole for snapping at my neighbour over a parking spot?”

Many people took to the comments section to express their opinions.

One person said: “You’re right, if he can’t see to park then he shouldn’t be driving. You pay for the spot. If he wants one, he can pay for it himself.”

Another added: “He clearly thought he could intimidate you. Good for you for standing up for yourself!”

While a third wrote: “He sounds entitled and used to getting away with these types of things.

“He also should have learnt his lesson after his car was towed. Why the hell would he do it again after that?”

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