Simon Calder offers advice on booking staycations for 2021

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Millions of drivers will be taking a staycation this summer, especially with the warm weather expected towards the end of the month. The main cause of damp in a car is condensation from differing temperatures.

Car interiors tend to be warm, and when the warmth from the inside hits glass cooled from the outside, moisture is created.

If a car contains anything wet and the interior is heated by the sun, the rising steam collects on the surfaces as moisture.

Damp can form very quickly in bad weather and steps should be taken to prevent it from forming.

Dan Hutson, head of motor at Compare the Market, reveals the causes of damp in cars, how to get rid of it and how to prevent it in the future.

Keep an eye out for signs of moisture

Watching for leaks and condensation, and acting quickly, will keep cars free of damp.

If hot drinks and food are in the car, motorists should keep the windows open and remove anything wet as quickly as possible.

Check the boot of the car and other areas, regularly, for signs of a leak. 


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Keep your car covered

If a car is kept in a garage, using a lightweight, breathable cover will help keep it free from damp.

Using a dehumidifier or a low-powered heater is a good option to keep the air dry. 

Any car that’s stored for long periods should be taken for a short drive at least once a month. This will keep everything ticking over and give it a blast of fresh air.

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